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Application Process

Rental Screening Criteria

This company conducts business in accordance with all federal, state and local Fair Housing laws. It is our policy to provide housing to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or United States military service veteran status.

Each applicant must:

o Be at least 18 years of age, and anyone 18 years of age or older (other than dependent children) must complete a separate rental application.
o Present valid photo identification.
In order to qualify for housing at our community, we must be able to:
o Verify the current address of the applicant.
o Verify the applicant has a satisfactory history of meeting his/her financial obligations including, if applicable, timely payment of rent.
o Verify the applicant has steady employment or can demonstrate the stability of his/her income.
o Verify the applicant has sufficient income to meet their financial obligations.



Reasons for rejecting applicant:

▪ The falsification or omission of information supplied on the rental application.
▪ Inability to verify the source of income, e.g. employment.
▪ Insufficient income to meet financial obligations.
▪ Unacceptable rental reference.
▪Outstanding judgments or unacceptable credit history. Although a lack of credit history will not necessarily cause rejection, management may require that the lease agreement be co-signed by a person of credit/income worthiness.
▪ Unacceptable criminal history including, but not limited to:

            *Charges of theft/burglary

            *Sexual based offenses

            *Violent assaults/acts

            *Damage to property

            *Fraudulent activities

Application Requirements

In order for your application to be accepted for screening, you are required to:

  • Fill out - Application entire application where applicable. DO NOT leave any areas blank as this will cause your application to be rejected. **Each occupant over the age of eighteen will need to submit an application. Previous rental history and current financial responsibilities are required.**

  • Proof Of Income - Two check stubs or a letter from your employer stating your hours and wages are acceptable examples.

  • Holding Deposit - $100.00 check or money order are accepted. DO NOT submit a blank check or money order. This $100.00 will transfer to your unit deposit after you pass the application process. **Address all payments to TURTLE CREEK. This amount is refundable if you fail the credit/criminal background checks. This amount is not refundable if you cancel your application after approval or fail to move in 30 days after your application is approved and apartment is ready. Holding deposit refunds generally take 3-6 weeks to receive by check mailed from our corporate headquarters.**

  • Application Fee(s) - $20.00 for the first adult and $10.00 per each additional applicant check or money order are accepted. **Address all payments to TURTLE CREEK. This amount is nonrefundable.**


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